We have a extensive range of products, from all types of coffee to all associated sundries even down to the cups it is served in, all at competitive prices. If there is something specific that you need that you don't see listed, contact us and we will do our best to get it for you.


Dowe Egberts medium roast instant 500g
Kimbo espresso bar beans 500g
Lavazza super crema beans 900g
Cafesenza Cecaf sachet
Kenko smooth vending 500g
Lavazza espresso pot
Segafredo massimo 1000g
Kimbo espresso italiano beans 250g
Kimbo espresso italiano ground decaf 250
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Lancashire tea 80 tea bags 250g
Lancashire tea 2 tea bag sachet 6.25g
Brodies individaul tea bag
Twinnings pure camomile
Twinnings pure green tea
Twinnings english beakfast decaf
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Drinking chocolate

galaxy hot chocolate vending 750
Poldermill hot chocolate sachet
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Sundries | milk | sugar | biscuits

Milfresh granulated milk 500g
Lakeland UHT milk
White sugar sachet
Lotus biscoff
Concerto biscuit
Café Bronté choc chip biscuit
Bolero wafer roll vanilla
Bolero wafer roll hazelnut
Simply hazelnut syrup
Simply vanilla syrup
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Heartsease Farm traditional fruit pressés

Heartsease strawberry & mint
Heartsease blackcurrant crush
Heartsease apple & rhubarb
Heartsease fiery ginger beer
Heartsease rasberry lemonade
Heartsease Lemonade
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Fiddler's Lancashire crisps

Lancashire simply spuds
Lancashire sea salt and vinegar
Lancashire sea salt and black pepper
Lancashire sauce
Lancashire black pudding and mustard
Lancashire cheese and onion
Lancahire sea salt
Lancashire sweet chilli
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Lancashire tea 2 tea bag sachet 6.25g